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Three people running through a park, wearing black shorts and t-shirts.
Image: Retamosa/Addictive/IMAGO

German expressions to run away from it all

Louisa Schaefer
March 1, 2023

With major events during the past years, from the pandemic to the war in Ukraine, we sometimes just want to escape from it all. Learn German expressions using "running."


With dramatic events from the past few years — from the pandemic, to the war in the Ukraine, to soaring food and energy prices, many of us have like felt we just wanted to run away from it all. Everyday reality often feels like too much of a challenge. Some of us lost loved ones or colleagues to COVID-19; others lost jobs or perhaps, homes.

Even new vocabulary developed over the course of the pandemic: stay-at-home orders, mask safety, mask etiquette, mask meltdown, social or physical distancing.

And, many of us reinvented how we work, with many people even now still tucked away in their offices or at their kitchen tables at home.

Staying both fit and sane

For those of us trying to take care of ourselves mentally and physically, it's important to get exercise, let off steam and clear our heads. During the pandemic, many people took to doing more yoga or dancing at home, or heading out for a run or walk outside, seeking the sanctuary of the forest or a park.

Woman doing yoga exercisses on a mat.
Many of us have learned to do sports at home Image: imago images/Panthermedia/A. Popov

Though things are always changing, some of those good habits might just still remain in daily life: like going out for a run or a walk with a friend or your dog. 

Here, you can learn some expressions in German about "laufen." But it's a bit tricky because the word can translate as running, jogging, walking or even something flowing. Click through the gallery above to learn more!

This is an update of an article first published in January 2021.

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