German expressions to run away from it all | Meet the Germans | DW | 27.01.2021

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Meet the Germans

German expressions to run away from it all

During the COVID pandemic, we've had to alter our lives dramatically on every front, including getting exercise. Learn German expressions using "running."

In the past pandemic year, many of us have probably felt we just wanted to run away from it all. Everyday reality often feels like too much of a challenge. Some of us have lost loved ones or colleagues to COVID-19; others lost jobs or perhaps, homes.

Even new vocabulary has developed over the course of the last year: stay-at-home orders, mask safety, mask etiquette, mask meltdown, social or physical distancing.

All of us have been faced with how to organize daily life in a new way: working, schooling and socializing from home via video-conferencing. While many of us have been able to spend more time with one's immediate family, many of us have also felt overwhelmed by having to juggle everything within one's own four walls.

Staying both fit and sane

Woman doing yoga exercisses on a mat

Gettting creative with sports while staying at home

For those of us trying to take care of ourselves mentally and physically, we are also faced with other hurdles, too, like not being able to let off steam at the fitness studio. Many of us have turned to doing more yoga or dancing at home, or have taken up running or walking outside, seeking more space in the sanctuary of the  forest or a park and rediscovering a sense of freedom.

The problems, fear, loss and chaos resulting from the pandemic have not made life a walk in the park. We may even feel like we want to make a run for it.  

To express this in German, you'll probably need the word "laufen," but it's a bit tricky for people learning the language, as it can either translate as running, jogging, walking or even something flowing. The gallery above lists a range of expressions related to it!


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