German alliance promotes solidarity, acceptance amid refugee crisis | News | DW | 11.02.2016
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German alliance promotes solidarity, acceptance amid refugee crisis

Representatives from charities, religious groups and unions have called for more objectivity in the debate about refugees. It is an appeal against racism and in favor of finding solutions.

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"Human dignity is inviolable. All authorities have a duty to protect it" - as stated in Germany's Constitution

"Human dignity is inviolable" is the title of the appeal, whose ten signatories aim to promote "openness, solidarity, democracy and the rule of law in Germany and Europe."

The signatories include representatives from religious groups, unions, employers' associations and various charities. They are urging fellow Germans to continue to be peaceful and show solidarity in the refugee crisis.

According to the "Alliance for Openness, Solidarity, Democracy and the Rule of Law" as quoted by German weekly "Die Zeit," the current debate about refugees and immigration should be "objective and focused on solutions" instead of "publicly stoking fears and resentment."

Unique alliance

The cross-party initiative also urges people to "stand up against inhuman statements and acts, regardless of where they come from and who they are directed at."

The signatories want "far-right, inhuman attacks on refugees and their homes, on police, on members of the press and aid workers to be systematically prosecuted."

Wherever someone violates the state's monopoly on violence or breaks the law, he or she must be prosecuted. The appeal points out that the rule also applies to foreign nationals, who must face deportation if convicted.

The alliance, which is to be formally launched in Berlin on Thursday, is the first of its kind in Germany.

ng/kms (epd, AFP)

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