Fresh faces in the Bundestag: What will they be pushing for? | Reporter - On Location | DW | 27.11.2021

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Fresh faces in the Bundestag: What will they be pushing for?

Germany is undergoing a sea change after sixteen years with Angela Merkel as chancellor. Elections this fall gave parliamentary seats to many younger politicians, including Kassem Taher Saleh of the Green Party and Ria Schröder of the liberal FDP.

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Like the other new members of parliament, Kassem Taher Saleh and Ria Schröder first have to orient themselves in Germany’s capital, Berlin, and in the parliament, the Bundestag. It’s a microcosm, with many of its own rules and routines that need to be learned from day one. What’s more, the new MPs need to set up new apartments, start dressing the part and get to know their parliamentary party colleagues. It’s a lot to take on in one go. DW Reporters Leonie von Hammerstein and Florian Nusch have followed the cub legislators on their first forays in Berlin and have asked them what they would like to introduce into the Bundestag.