France pays homage to Jewish victims one year after attacks | News | DW | 10.01.2016
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France pays homage to Jewish victims one year after attacks

The French prime minister has said that "France would not be France" without its Jews, one year after four people were killed at a supermarket in Paris. A young policewoman who died in the line of duty was also honored.

French officials and Jewish leaders on Saturday paid homage to four Jewish hostages who were killed last year at a kosher supermarket in Paris, following deadly attacks on the offices of the "Charlie Hebdo" satirical magazine.

"France would not be France" without its Jews, Prime Minister Manuel Valls said at a gathering organized by the Jewish umbrella group CRIF to remember the victims of the attack, which ended with police raiding the Hyper Cacher supermarket and killing Amedy Coulibaly, the attacker.

"For these enemies who attack their compatriots, who tear apart the contract that unites us, there can be no worthy explanation," said Valls.

Since the attack, France has seen record numbers of Jews emigrating to Israel, according to figures from the Jewish Agency, with some citing the attacks for the basis of their relocation.

"A year on, our pain is intense. But equally intense is our determination against hatred and terrorism," noted Valls on Twitter.

French President Francois Hollande also honored Clarissa Jean-Philippe, a young policewoman who was killed by the gunman a day before the attack on the supermarket.

Hollande unveiled a plaque in memory of the 26-year-old police officer in the Paris suburb of Montrouge, where she died in the line of duty.

The slain officer's other, Marie-Louise Jean-Philippe told French media that the "beautiful ceremony" warmed her heart, adding: "I am not bitter."

In 2015, France witnessed a series of attacks claimed by militant groups, including the "Islamic State" and al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, which left more than 140 people dead.

ls/cmk (AP, AFP, dpa)