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Food for everyone - Farming in the future

October 24, 2022

Many countries, particularly in the West, have long taken reliable food supplies for granted. But climate change, conflict and population growth are challenging such certainties. How can we ensure food security for everyone in the future?


The vertical farm run by Anders Riemann in Copenhagen aims to get the maximum yield from the smallest area possible and operate sustainably. The CEO grows vegetables over 14 stories at his carbon-neutral indoor farm. Eight hundred kilograms of lettuce are grown here each week at Nordic Harvest. Riemann sees this alternative to conventional agriculture as a big opportunity for the future. He says the corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine have shown us just how vulnerable our food supply chains are. "We need local food production in our cities, as part of the infrastructure.”
Agricultural scientist Urte Grauwinkel is part of a project researching what food crops could be better adapted to the new climate conditions in eastern Germany. Part of the idea is also to become less dependent on food imported from far away. She is experimenting with nutritious plants such as chickpeas, millet, amaranth, quinoa and hemp. 
Seaweed is another food with potential for the future. It is seen as environmentally friendly, hardy and nutritious. However, this superfood has not caught on yet in many western countries. Joost Wouters, the former manager of a soft drink manufacturer, wants to change that. He has set up the Seaweed Company to bring together seaweed farmers and the food industry. Could seaweed grown in Europe help feed more people in the future and counteract overfishing?

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