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Fiasco in Thuringia: Will the AfD Destroy Merkel's Legacy?

February 13, 2020

The CDU's flirtation with the far-right populist AfD party in the state of Thuringia has plunged the centre-right party into a deep identity crisis and triggered the resignation of its leader. Nothing less than its future course is at stake. Guests: Matthew Karnitschnig (Politico), Derek Scally (Irish Times), Vendeline von Bredow (Economist)

DW Sendung To The Point Matthew Karnitschnig
Image: DW


Matthew Karnitschnig is chief correspondent for the US Magazine „Politico“. He believes: “The AfD hasn’t destroyed Merkel’s legacy, the AfD is Merkel’s legacy. What happened in Thuringia offers a glimpse of the chaos that lies ahead for Germany’s political system.”  

DW Sendung To The Point Derek Scally
Image: DW


Derek Scally is correspondent for the Irish Times. He thinks: „German politics has finally entered the 21st century but its politicians are too naive - or scared - to notice.“

DW Sendung To The Point Vendeline von Bredow
Image: DW



Vendeline von Bredow writes for the „Economist“ and she believes: „Fragmenting politics and strong extremes are upending Germany’s traditional parties with the Social Democrats in even worse shape than Merkel's CDU.“