euromaxx highlights - Highlights of the week | euromaxx highlights | DW | 13.05.2012
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euromaxx highlights

euromaxx highlights - Highlights of the week

In this edition:

Pop Songs To Pop Art

British artist Tim Wakefield makes his living by transposing segments of the sound waves of popular songs on to a canvas. Clients include major names in the music industry like Sir Paul McCartney.

Special Effects For Your Garden

Judith Mann is a pyrotechnician who uses her skills to create special effect installations for the backyards of her clients. She can create fog, burning water and pretty well anything you want her to do.

"Dancing Queen” by photographer Tobias Bräuning

Tobias Bräuning focuses on minute detail - often not seen with the naked eye. The photographer has spent years capturing the unusual forms that drops of tinted water can make while in motion. His photo "Dancing Queen” was among the finalists in the Sony World Photography competition.

Hamburg Coffee-Making Academy

Coffee is Germany's most popular beverage and there's a right way to make it, especially for cafés and restaurants catering to a demanding clientele. A school in Hamburg teaches professionals all they need to know about ingredients, equipment, preparation and presentation.

Filmmaker Jamie Stone

Film students Jamie Stone and Len Rowles from Britain have been raising eyebrows in the industry with their low-budget but highly professional fantasy picture, "Skyborn". Their graduation project about a father and son with a dream was so captivating that it made the shortlist for a 2012 Student Oscar.

Meissen China

Its trademark crossed swords are a real find for collectors all over the world. Meissen porcelain comes from the town of Meissen in the eastern German state of Saxony - but this venture has taken them to the Italian design capital Milan. It's there the firm hopes to branch out into interior design thanks to its new Villa Meissen.

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