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Escape from Hong Kong - A New Life in British Exile

March 1, 2021

One fate unites these four Hong Kong citizens: they are all living in exile in London and fighting for democracy in their homeland and for a new life abroad. They all needed to get out of Hong Kong fast.


Hong Kong was a place of freedom in Asia. Today, the Chinese Special Administrative Region symbolises the global fight between democratic and authoritarian systems. Since a controversial security law came into force in Hong Kong last July, the activists Nathan Law, Finn Lau, Simon Cheng and Jim Wong have virtually been declared enemies of the state. They all needed to get out of their homeland fast. For security reasons, they were unable to bid farewell to family and friends and fled to the safe haven of the former colonial power of Great Britain. From afar, they are doing what colleagues at home would be imprisoned for, speaking openly about what is happening in Hong Kong, denouncing abuses there and criticising China. But here, even in a supposedly free Europe, they still have to fear China’s influence. The result is a life in isolation, dogged by the constant fear of attack or abduction and endangering their loved ones back home. The report shows the four Hongkongers and their everyday life in exile. Their lives are caught between their fight for their old homeland and the beginnings of a fresh start - and all this as the world and the UK fight a virus which has brought the buzzing metropolis of London to a standstill.

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