Energy efficient homes in Kyrgyzstan | Global Ideas | DW | 31.08.2010
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Global Ideas

Energy efficient homes in Kyrgyzstan

Local craftsmen in rural areas of the country are learning how to build energy efficient homes.

Project goal: Boosting energy efficiency in the mountain villages of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan
Energy saving methods: Home insulation, efficient stoves for cooking and heating, less tree-cutting
Project size: Seminars for 250 participants from ten regions
Investment: 140,000 euros ($180,000) annually

Awareness and understanding of energy efficiency needs to be improved in Kyrgyzstan, especially in the country's impoverished mountainous regions. Bitterly cold winters and poor insulation in homes mean the inhabitants waste energy. Local craftsmen can now learn in seminars about how to build more energy-efficient stoves; insulate homes and save money.

A film by Mareike Aden