Embracing wind power in Morocco | Global Ideas | DW | 11.09.2012
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Global Ideas

Embracing wind power in Morocco

With its plentiful sunshine and frequent winds, Morocco boasts ideal conditions for a flourishing renewable energy industry – as illustrated by the success of a wind park in Tanger that is still growing.

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Project goal: Boosting wind power in Morocco
Project size: 165 wind power plants in the Tanger wind farm, producing 140 megawatts
Project volume: German government-owned development bankKfW has loaned 50 million euros ($64 million)
CO2 savings: 340,000 tons

For now, Morocco imports the lion‘s share of its energy. But this is set to change. After all, Moroco boasts ideal conditions for a renewable energy industry with plentiful sunshine and regular winds. The capital Tangier is now home to a wind park that has enormous potential. Not only does it demonstrate what is possible, it is also helping develop expertise on wind power technology.

A report by Christoph Kober

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