Drunken pilot leaves 106 Lisbon-bound passengers stranded in Stuttgart | News | DW | 24.03.2018
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Drunken pilot leaves 106 Lisbon-bound passengers stranded in Stuttgart

A Portugalia Airlines flight from Stuttgart to Lisbon was cancelled after the co-pilot was found to be drunk and arrested. The 106 passengers have been told they will have to wait two days for the next available flight.

Over 100 people have been left stranded in the German city of Stuttgart this weekend, after Portugalia flight TP523 to Lisbon was suddenly cancelled on Friday evening when the co-pilot was found to be drunk.

The inebriated individual was detained after an airport official found him "reeking of alcohol and walking unsteadily," according to police. Stuttgart prosecutors immediately suspended the Portuguese pilot's flying license and set bail at €10,000 ($12,000).

Responding to complaints from a disgruntled passenger via Twitter, TAP Air Portugal, which owns Portugalia, said that Monday was "at the moment, the first day with seats available."

TAP also said it would "open an enquiry and take necessary measures" and apologized to passengers for the inconvenience.

The 106 passengers were put up in a hotel overnight on Friday because the airline could not provide a fresh crew to fly them to Lisbon at short notice.

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