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Trump-Kim meeting — As it happened

June 12, 2018

The leaders of North Korea and the US have signed a "comprehensive" document to end their historic meeting in Singapore. Read here how things happened.

Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump
Image: Reuters/J. Ernst

— US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are meeting for a historic summit on Singapore's Sentosa Island.

— Both leaders have signed an unspecified 'comprehensive' joint document to end the summit.

— They first met face to face with only translators at their sides. They were later joined by top aides for a bilateral meeting.

All times in GMT/UTC

0605 Trump and Kim have shaken hands and bid each other farewell without translators. The summit has ended.

0540 Both leaders have signed a "comprehensive" joint document in front of reporters. Kim said they had "decided to leave the past behind" and that "the world will see a major change."

Trump said they wanted "to do something special" and "developed a very special bond" during their meetings. He expected denuclearization to start "very, very quickly."

Trump added, “this is going to lead to more and more and more." Asked if he would invite Kim to the White House, the president said, "absolutely, I would."

0438 Trump and Kim have finished their working lunch. The US president, speaking alongside Kim, said his meeting with the North Korean leader was "better than anybody could have expected." He added that the two of them would be signing a document "now," but did not elaborate.

Donald Trump und Kim Jong Un
Trump said he and Kim "developed a very special bond" at the summitImage: Reuters/J. Ernst

0354 They have emerged from the meeting and are getting ready for lunch. Lighthearted comments from Trump.

0352 The White House has released the menu for the leaders' working lunch. For starters, they can expect to chow down on prawn cocktail and avocado salad, green mango salad with fresh octopus and oiseon, a Korean dish of stuffed cucumber.

For the main course they'll have beef short rib confit, served with potato dauphinois and steamed broccoli; sweet and sour crispy pork and fried rice with an "XO" chilli sauce as well as a Korean dish called daegu jorim, which is a soy braised cod fish with radish and Asian vegetables.

For dessert, there's a choice of dark chocolate tartlet ganache, Haagen Daaz vanilla ice cream with cherry coulis and tropezienne, a cream-filled pastry. Yum.

No word on denuclearization, though.

0335 The meeting is still ongoing. Meanwhile, Trump is facing both praise and criticism back home. Critics have contrasted his rude treatment of close allies with his seemingly friendly encounter with a murderous dictator. Those who speak in favor of him say he has already achieved more on North Korea than any other US president. 

0224 Looking at who is in the group meeting, Kim has Kim Yong Chol, his most trusted policy adviser, Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho and Ri Su Yong, the top Workers' Party official for international affairs. On Trump's side is National Security Adviser John Bolton, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

0209 Handshake after handshake. This time shared by Trump's press secretary.

0208 Trump's social media manager has shared images from inside the bilateral meeting.

0200 More details on Ludlow's heart attack. He is recovering in hospital.

0159 Trump said at the group table that he and Kim "will solve a big problem, a big dilemma." Kim said: "We will solve it."

0155 Trump says the meeting was "very, very good," says they have an "excellent relationship."

0154 The leaders have joined their colleagues for a group meeting. Trump and Kim are making comments.

0150 After about 30 minutes they have re-emerged. They are not responding to questions.

0145 The world is waiting to see what will happen from this meeting. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres earlier urged the two leaders to seize the opportunity "to support a peaceful, prosperous, secure and verifiably denuclearized Korean Peninsula."

0142 Sarah Huckabee Sanders has shared behind the scenes images of delegates meeting.

0127 Trump's director of social media has shared an image of the second handshake. Both looking chummy.

0112 The meeting is underway, media have left the room.

0109 Kim says they have overcome a lot of obstacles to make this meeting happen. "Old practices and prejudices worked against us but we overcame all of them and we are here today."

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un (L) shakes hands with US President Donald Trump
Image: Getty Images/AFP/S. Loeb

0108 Trump says: "We're going to have a great discussion." Says it will be successful and predicts a "terrific relationship."

0105 They are heading in to a room to make public comments. Trump's hand is on Kim's back. All smiles.

US President Donald Trump (R) gestures as he meets with North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un (L) at the start of their historic US-North Korea summit
Image: Getty Images/AFP/S. Loeb

0104 They have finally met and shaken hands. Normal length handshake, no apparent tugging from Trump.

0059 Trump is emerging from his car and entering the hotel doors.

0053 Kim has just exited his armored limousine and entered the hotel doors.

0038 Trump has just tweeted from the summit site that Larry Kudlow, his economic adviser, has had a heart attack. He is not part of the Singapore team, but has just returned from the G7 summit in Canada.

0031 Kim's motorcade has arrived. Summit is due to start in about 30 minutes.

0020 Trump has arrived at the summit site. His aides were on Twitter during the journey.

A motorcade transporting US President Donald Trump departs the Shangri-La Hotel to take him to a meeting with Kim Jong-un
Image: picture-alliance/Zuma/P. Miller

0008 And Kim Jong Un is on his way now too. A North Korean flag is flying from his limousine.

0007 Trump is still busy tweeting about domestic issues, less than an hour before the meeting.

0006 US President Donald Trump's enormous motorcade has left his hotel and is heading to Sentosa Island for the meeting.

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