Dinner for One: A bizarre German New Year′s Eve tradition | Meet the Germans | DW | 30.12.2020
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Meet the Germans

Dinner for One: A bizarre German New Year's Eve tradition

Many Germans ritually watch this same black-and-white British comedy every year. Rachel Stewart explains in this Meet the Germans remake of Dinner for One.

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Rachel moved from the UK to Germany in 2016. As a relative newcomer she casts a fresh eye over German clichés and shares her experiences of settling into German life. Every two weeks she explores a new topic — from allotment gardens to money to language.

This week Rachel slips into the role of Miss Sophie — a character in a comedy sketch, "Dinner for One," which has somehow become a vital part of New Year's Eve celebrations in Germany.

You'll find more from Meet the Germans on YouTube  or at dw.com/MeettheGermans.

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