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New Bundesliga kick-off times

July 3, 2015

New kick-off times could be placed into the Bundesliga schedule from 2017/18. If confirmed, matches would be played on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, as well as Monday evenings.

Bundesliga Start Bayern München - Wolfsburg
Image: Getty Images

The DFL have said that new kick-off times may be introduced into the Bundesliga schedule from the 2017/18 season.

Revealing to SID and a corresponding report from SPONSORs magazine on Friday, the DFL stated that Saturday would stay the main focus of games with around half - 158 of 306 - being played at 15:30. But in the plans, which are still far from being confirmed, first division games on Sunday afternoon at 13:30 and Monday evenings at 20:15 were also spoken of.

The plans show that a maximum of 10 games per season would be re-scheduled from Saturday afternoon. Five to be played on Sunday afternoon, five on Monday evening. No word was given on scheduled Friday night fixtures.

The DFL said in a statement that any updated schedule times would be introduced "to ease the schedule of the Bundesliga clubs competing internationally, particularly those in the Europa League."

29 matches would be fixed for the Top-Spiel on a Saturday night, as the main event of the Bundesliga weekend.

DFL boss Christian Seifert said in February that a schedule change was unlikely, citing that a strick framework would be followed if changes were to be made.

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