Deutsche Post faced with indefinite strike | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 08.06.2015
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Deutsche Post faced with indefinite strike

Germany's postal giant Deutsche Post is confronted with a new round of industrial action, with trade union Verdi confirming that an indefinite strike by the firm's delivery workers has been phased in.

Verdi deputy chief Andrea Kocsis said on Monday Deutsche Post had not moved a millimeter towards a solution in the pay dispute during six rounds of negotiations and had ignored an offer from the union. "We need to now massively increase the pressure," Kocsis said.

This is the latest in a wave of strikes that have hit Europe's largest economy in recent months.

The main bone of contention between Verdi and Deutsche Post's management is the company's plan to create thousands more staff positions in separate entities that would pay less than the wages agreed by current collective bargaining agreements.

More disruptions

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Mail boxes empty amid Deutsche Post strike (April 2015)

The labor dispute affects around 140,000 employees and centers around the establishment of 49 regional companies for parcel delivery, where around 6,000 workers risk a pay cut as they will no longer be paid according to Deutsche Post's pay scale.

Verdi wants wages to remain under Deutsche Post's remit. Millions of letters and packages are expected to arrive late in the coming days. A previous strike in April (see embedded video) caused widespread disruption.

sri/hg (dpa, AFP)

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