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Neo-Nazi Music Crackdown

DW staff (th)October 7, 2008

Denmark says it will extradite two men arrested as part of a major international crackdown on right-wing music. The men reportedly produced as many as 100,000 illegal copies under the record label Celtic Moon.

Neo-Nazi music CD
Neo-Nazi music is illegal in GermanyImage: AP

Danish authorities have determined that the two men, reportedly key figures in the far-right music scene, can be extradited to Germany.

Denmark's Justice Ministry declined to comment further on the case Tuesday, but did say the men would have the right to test the case before a Danish court before being extradited.

Men were "major players" in extremist scene

The two men, identified only as Flemming C. and Stephan G., were arrested in Denmark on Aug. 27 for allegedly financing, commissioning and distributing recordings that have been deemed illegal because of their extremist content. The Justice Ministry said that one of the men is German and one is Danish.

German investigators say the pair produced as many as 100,000 copies of the music under the label Celtic Moon. They are presumed to have had contact to a partner in Australia, who allegedly copied the CDs and sent them to Denmark for distribution in Europe.

The accused allegedly have ties to German music groups, music managers and high-ranking members of the right-wing scene, including leaders of the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD).