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08.2016 Crime Fighters 2 Click On the Link (Cyber Kriminalität)

Crime Fighters: Click on the Link

September 9, 2016

Zawadi, a young female student, has been found stabbed by the roadside. What happened to her? The police investigate but Zawadi’s best friend Kendi also starts looking for the truth.


The social media is awash with images of a young female student, Zawadi, who has been found stabbed by the roadside. What happened to her? According to the police it was a crime of passion making her boyfriend the prime suspect. But the victim’s best friend, Kendi, is not convinced and launches her own investigations. She believes Zawadi could have had an online stalker. Together with IT expert Tembo, they unravel dark mysteries about the young woman and her online activities. As they dig into the digital world, some of the potential dangers and opportunities of today’s use of internet and social media come on the table. But will it help them get some answers on who stabbed Zawadi?

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