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Coronavirus digest: India cases near 3.8 million

September 2, 2020

India has had the highest daily increases in more than three weeks and is likely to surpass Brazil and the US. And Germany has added the Canary Islands to its high-risk blacklist. Follow DW for the latest.

Indien I Coronavirus I Mitarbeiter des Gesundheitssystems in Mumbai
Image: Reuters/A. Dave

India has been reporting the highest daily increases in new cases for more than three weeks. Its total number of cases is likely to soon pass Brazil and the United States if figures continue to rise at the current rate. 

This comes as Germany adds the Canary Islands to mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands on its list of high-risk area after authorities there registered 300 new cases daily last week. The move is a heavy blow to the islands, with tourists from Germany one of the main sources of income.

In other news from around the world:

The UN Security Council will hold a high-level summit during the annual meeting of world leaders at the General Assembly later this month to discuss security threats in the world after the pandemic ends.

The meeting "on post-COVID-19 global governance in relation to the maintenance of international peace and security'' will address traditional security threats such as conflicts but also crime and pandemics as well as "adjustments'' to the current international system, said Niger's UN Ambassador Abdou Abarry.


Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk is in Germany to scope out the development of a promising coronavirus vaccine candidate and is scheduled to meet with the German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier. Musk said in July that Tesla was building "RNA microfactories" for coronavirus vaccine developer CureVac in Germany. 

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Italy's former prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, has tested positive for coronavirus and is self-isolating at home, a statement from his staff says. Berlusconi, 83, became a member of the European Parliament in 2019 after serving as prime minister in four Italian governments. He is working from his house in Arcore, near Milan, the statement said.

Hungary said it registered 365 new cases — its highest tally on record, as people return from summer holidays and the school year begins. The country, with a population of 10 million, has registered 6,622 cases and 619 deaths.

Ukraine reported a record daily high of 2,495 new cases, bringing its total to over 128,700 cases.

Scotland imposed new restrictions on the city of Glasgow after a rise in infections. Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said people living in Glasgow and two surrounding areas should not visit other people's houses after 66 new cases were recorded on Tuesday. The measures will last for two weeks. Scotland has recorded over 20,500 cases and nearly 2,500 deaths. 


India registered 78,357 new cases and 1,045 deaths, bringing its total number of cases to nearly 3.8 million and death toll to 66,333. The Indian Council of Medical Research, the country's top medical research body, said India had conducted nearly 44 million tests for the virus since the pandemic began.

The nation of 1.4 billion people has been reporting the highest daily increases in new cases for more than three weeks, and at its current rate is likely to soon pass Brazil and the United States in its total number of reported cases. 

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Pandemic reverses migration

Australia's current hot spot, the state of Victoria, extended its state of emergency powers for another six months as its weekly average of new infections went down to 95 from a high of more than 700 in early August.

Meanwhile, Australia broke its 29-year recession-free streak as its June quarter figures revealed its largest quarterly GDP contraction on record. "The combined effect of the pandemic and the community and government responses to it led to movements of unprecedented size," the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) said in a statement. 

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Japan is considering offering the coronavirus vaccine, when developed and approved, for free to all citizens, according to Kyodo news. The government has said it aims to secure enough coronavirus vaccines for every citizen by the end of the year.

Hong Kong will re-open gyms and massage parlors and extend night-time dining hours as of Friday, as daily infections in the city drop into the single digits. Restaurants will be allowed to stay open an hour beyond the current curfew of 9 p.m., while fitness centers and places of amusement such as clubs can reopen, said Sophia Chan, the city's health secretary.

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China's aviation regulator said it will resume direct flights to Beijing from eight countries including Thailand, Cambodia, Greece, Denmark, Sweden and canada from Thursday. The Civil Aviation Administration said it would reimpose curbs on direct flights to the capital if more than three passengers test positive upon arrival.

North America

The United States announced it will extend a moratorium on evictions of tenants unable to meet their rent payments and foreclosures of homeowners who cannot pay their mortgages due to pandemic until the end of the year.

The measure aims to protect tens of millions of people at risk of losing their homes due to the pandemic.

"People struggling to pay their rent due to the coronavirus will not have to worry about being evicted and risk further spreading of or exposure to the virus due to economic hardships," said White House spokesman Brian Morgenstern.

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