Citizens Call for People′s Vote on EU Constitution | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 05.12.2003
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Citizens Call for People's Vote on EU Constitution

Activists in 20 European countries will take to the streets on Dec. 6 to highlight their demands for holding referenda on the European Constitution.

The European Union is moving closer to adopting a Constitution with seven EU countries already promising to consult their citizens in referenda before adopting it. On Dec. 6 a European Referendum Campaign kicks off in 42 cities across the EU with citizens taking to the streets to demand more countries hold referenda on the Constitution. "Let the people decide on the EU Constitution in fair referenda" is their message. The event takes place just one week ahead of the European Council meeting in Brussels, when the heads of state and government are expected to finalize the negotiations on the new Constitution. In Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, the campaign takes the form of a people’s vote, where passersby will be asked to cast a ballot on whether or not they want to have a say on the EU Constitution. In Athens a group of activists will gather in front of the Acropolis. In London, people will be invited to participate in a virtual internet march on 10 Downing Street. (

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