China’s Power Play: Hong Kong Betrayed? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 22.08.2019
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China’s Power Play: Hong Kong Betrayed?

Hundreds of thousands have protested in Hong Kong since June. Will Beijing do more than exert pressure and make threats to the demonstrators? What will the West do? Guests: Bernhard Bartsch (Bertelsmann Stiftung), Cherie Chan (DW), Hao Gui (DW)

Watch video 26:05

Hao Gui from DW's Asia desk says:  "China wanted to experiment with the rule of law and democracy in Hong Kong with 'one country, two systems' and now also has to make concessions.“



Bernhard Bartsch is the senior expert on Asia for the Bertelsmann Foundation  based in Berlin. He says: „Hong Kong is the epicenter of a global competition of systems. Western democracies should show solidarity and resilience – and the ability to learn!”



Cherie Chan from Hong Kong works for DW's social media team in Berlin. She says: "China's propaganda war is only uniting the people of Hong Kong, and they will not stop fighting on the streets until they get a real response from the government."