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China's global ambitions: Can the West keep up?

June 22, 2023

China is increasingly asserting itself on the global stage. Have recent talks with Western politicians helped bring the two sides closer? Or are the talks another way for China to ruthlessly push its own interests? Our guests: John Kampfner, (author und commentator), Cathryn Clüver-Asbrook, (geopolitical analyst); Richard Walker, DW




TTP - To the point Sendung vom 22.6 - John Kampfner
Image: DW


John Kampfner.

He is an author, broadcaster and commentator. He has worked with various media houses and also writes for international publications on global affairs.  



TTP - To the point Sendung vom 22.6 - Richard Walker
Image: DW



Richard Walker.

Deutsche Welle’s Chief International Editor.



TTP - To the point Sendung vom 22.6 - Clüver Ashbrook, Cathryn
Image: DW


Cathryn Clüver Asbrook.

She is a political scientist. She has worked for CNN as a TV journalist, and she continues to write for various international publications on foreign and security policy.

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