China: Fighting terrorism in Xinjiang or repression of Uighurs? | World | Breaking news and perspectives from around the globe | DW | 30.09.2020

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China: Fighting terrorism in Xinjiang or repression of Uighurs?

The news about the internment of thousands of Uighurs in hundreds of re-education camps has shocked human rights defenders. But Chinese authorities call the harsh crackdown on the Muslim minority a justified war against terrorism.

The Chinese authorities label the crackdown on dissent and drastic measures against the Muslim minority in the western Xinjiang province a war against terrorism. Yet the United Nations, Western governments and human rights activists criticize China's policies. They say the brutal crackdown on Uighurs is state repression of an ethnic minority. But China is continuing its policy - surveillance, reeducation, repression of relgious practices and birth control are still being enforced

Author: Axel Dorloff / Speaker: Neil King