Cherry blossoms mesmerize tourists in Bonn | Lifestyle | DW | 16.04.2018

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Cherry blossoms mesmerize tourists in Bonn

With century-old cherry trees in the former German capital blooming brilliantly as spring turns on the heat, hoards of selfie-hunting visitors to the city are capturing the trees in their pink-hued glory.

It's that time of year when Bonn's old city is again shrouded in cherry blossoms. Tourists, particularly from Asia, are flocking to the former German to capture the brilliant blooms before they fall to the ground. The top photographic motif is selfies with blossoms in the hair.

A series of sunny days have prompted the cherry blossoms to open up to their near full glory in Bonn's old city district. And that has drawn masses of tourists to make their pilgrimage to Heer Street to admire this wonder of nature.

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The tourist hoards have multiplied since the boulevard of cherry trees grabbed a spot on the Facebook page "Places to see before you die" in 2012.

Japanese tourists have taken to throwing the blossoms up into air and making videos of the flowers dancing to the ground to send to their friends. 

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The majestic cherry trees paint a romantic picture, their pink color contrasting with the old city district buildings.

The majority of the trees are as old as the Gründerzeit architecture in this historic part the former German capital. The city of Bonn has meanwhile planted new trees to ensure the future of the cherry blossom magic.

Click through the picture gallery above to relive the color in Bonn; and below to see how the Japanese celebrate their famous cherry blossom season in Tokyo.

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