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Can Brazil still save the Amazon Rainforest?

May 26, 2023

Destruction of the Amazon Rainforest must stop if we’re to secure a safe future climate. But can Brazil do it alone, after allowing so much deforestation already?

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And: Divorce is prohibited in the Philippines, with repercussions for women most of all.

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In the Philippines, marriage is for life

Divorce is prohibited in the Philippines -- and that often has far-reaching consequences for women. If their husbands leave them, they have no legal right to support. Yet mass weddings are hugely popular at the moment.  

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Can Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest still be saved?

Scientists fear the Amazon may be approaching a tipping point that would have global consequences. But Brazil was once a role model when it came to rainforest protection. Could it be one again?

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What can we learn from the demise of the dinosaurs?

In the age of the early dinosaurs, the Earth was really warm, with much more CO2 in the air than now. The breakup of Pangea caused volcanoes to erupt, spewing even more CO2 into the air, and triggering a mass extinction. A warning to us?

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USA: Jobs for people shut out of the workforce

No interviews, no CVs and no background checks. For 40 years a bakery in Yonkers, New York, has followed an open hiring concept. Candidates just need add their name to a waitlist to get a job.


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