Can books save the world? | DocFilm | DW | 23.10.2021

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Can books save the world?

The age of human influence on the planet has resulted in a subjugation of nature with ominous consequences. The effects are plain to see, and the existential dangers are well-documented.

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New writing is showing just how contradictory our relationship with nature is: on the one hand, our destructive influence and the exploitation of resources, and on the other a growing need for pristine nature. "Fridays for Future", a combative political movement, is pushing for a more sustainable world. And even in the middle of Europe, people are enthusiastically trading the city for the forest, to return to the wild and feel part of a more natural way of life. 
As the pandemic increases many people’s desire to go ‘back to nature’, what do recent books tell us about our relationship with the natural environment?