Burundi: Poetry slam to help the environment | Africa | DW | 30.07.2021

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Burundi: Poetry slam to help the environment

Burundian poet Gretta Karly Ineza uses the power of words to inspire others to protect the environment and save the planet for humans and other living things.

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Slam poet Gretta Karly Ineza wants to draw attention to environmental issues. The 23-years-old's interest in the environment goes back to her childhood.

Gretta Karly Ineza is a member of the Jewe slam collective. "My decision to create slam poetry about the environment is an expression of my love of nature that I have had since I was small. And as a slam artist, I can use my written texts and my spoken words to sensitize my fellow citizens that have a responsibility for the environment, too," she said.

Gretta launched her career in 2016 and has come to be heard and respected. To attract a wider audience, she slams in French, English and Kirundi, a language spoken in Burundi and other East African countries.

At the end of the year, the university student will represent Burundi at the Riao international oral arts festival in Benin. This year, the Riao festival is dedicated to water and forest conservation. And this is Gretta Karly Ineza's dream: that her slam poetry will inspire a better future.