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Brussels after the Terror Attacks

April 2, 2016

Brussels is finding it hard to get back to daily routine after the terror attacks. Every day residents gather at the Place de la Bourse to remember the victims. Many Muslims feel they are unjustly under suspicion.


Reporter - Brussels after the Terror Attacks

Mohamed Ban Abdellah doesn't intend to give up. He wants to continue fighting for peaceful cooperation between religious faiths in Brussels, despite the attacks and the fact that he knows one of the suspected terrorists. He's convinced that education, above all, can protect young Muslims from falling prey to radical pied pipers. That's why he watches over teenagers in his district, giving them private tutoring and encouraging them to learn. His educational center also offers sports, especially football. The aim is to provide constructive activities, so teens don't end up hanging out on the streets. But since the attacks, many Belgian Muslims have withdrawn into themselves, which doesn't make his work easier. But Mohamed Ban Abdellah is now even more determined to keep young Muslims from becoming extremists. Can he reach them and their families?