Brexit makes UK cheaper - and pricier - for EU citizens | Coronavirus and Covid-19 - latest news about COVID-19 | DW | 26.06.2016
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Brexit makes UK cheaper - and pricier - for EU citizens

Now what? When the United Kingdom completes its exit from the EU in the next two years, Britons and Europeans will have a lot to adjust to. Here's a sampling of that.

Will Scotch whisky become more expensive?

On the contrary! Experts believe that the pound will remain weak after its initial crash. So that means that British products abroad will be cheaper for the time being. Now is a good time to stock up on Scotch whisky, English wine gums and orange marmalade. In the long term, the narrow "no" to the EU will lead to tariffs and other taxes on British products again, once more raising the price on products made in the UK. In addition to high-proof hooch, Britain mainly exports cars and auto parts to Germany. The total value of those goods, however, is modest: According to the Federal Statistical Office, last year's total was 38.3 billion euros - leaving the UK in ninth place on the list of Germany's most important importers.

Can I still swim across the English Channel?

Resilience will no longer suffice. Soon, the United Kingdom will have to reach individual agreements on visa-free travel with different countries. Before taking the plunge, you should check to see what agreements have been made with your country. At the moment, people traveling to the United Kingdom need to present their ID cards or passports before entering the country as the UK is not a member of Schengen. It is safe to say that British citizens will soon no longer be EU citizens. Tourists from Birmingham who are traveling to Rome, for example, will have to take their place in the "All Other Passports" line instead of breezing through the EU exit.

Will shopping in London become cheaper?

The United Kingdom is not exactly known for being a cheap holiday destination. But the devalued pound offers tourists hope of being able to take home more souvenirs on their next trip than they did on their last. If you fly to London for a Christmas shopping spree, you will get more for your euros or dollars. Phone calls, however, will probably become more expensive for EU callers because they will not be able to benefit from the abolishment of mobile roaming charges starting in 2017.

Brexit - London Evening Standard: We're Out

Many were incredulous to read that a narrow majority had voted 60 million people out of the EU

Do British members of the European Parliament have to pack their suitcases?

There's no rush. The 73 members of the European Parliament with British passports will remain legislators until the official exit. They will continue to be involved and vote - just not on the Brexit referendum, which must be approved by the other EU states.

Will there still be Erasmus scholarships for Great Britain?

Gaining expertise in pub crawls, boasting Oxbridge degrees and spending a semester abroad in the United Kingdom are popular with students from all over Europe. That could change. Even the Erasmus student exchange program must be renegotiated. Anyone who wants to complete a bachelor's degree, master's or PhD in the United Kingdom had better start saving money: Right now, EU citizens pay the same tuition as British students and not the much higher fees for non-EU foreigners, but that is likely to change.

Should Germany's Bastian Schweinsteiger be worried about his job at Manchester United?

In the past, Schweinsteiger, Mesut Özil and other European players could simply work in the Premier League. After Brexit, professional soccer players, like all foreign labor, will need an extra work permit. At the moment, non-EU players are required to have played in a certain percentage of their national team's matches in order to play in the Premier League. This rule may now be applied to EU nationals, as well. But Schweinsteiger may not have to deal with the red tape: In two years, he will be 33 years old and could theoretically start enjoying his life as a soccer retiree. Of course, the Three Lions will be allowed to take part in the European Championship, as participation in the tournament does not stipulate membership in the EU.

Schottland Notfallsitzung Brexit Nicola Sturgeon

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is exploring ways to keep her country in the EU

Will the NHS collapse?

The National Health System is an institution almost as sacred to Britons as their monarchy. For years, it has not been running particularly well because Great Britain is suffering from an acute shortage of doctors. The remedy for this problem has been to hire doctors from abroad - for example, heart surgeons or oncologists from Germany. Perhaps these highly qualified immigrants will be scared off by the end of the free movement of workers in the future. In the divorce talks, the British will have to negotiate work visas for doctors.