Bremen and DFL in police costs row | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 24.06.2015
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Bremen and DFL in police costs row

The city of Bremen is refusing to pay costs for police which were deployed by the German Football League (DFL) for the derby match against Hamburg. The costs amount to nearly half a million euros.

The Interior Ministery of Bremen has announced that the city's police wants the German Football League (DFL) to pay 425,718 euros (477,394 dollars) in costs applied to the Werder Bremen home game against Hamburg in the Bundesliga last season.

On April 19, a total of 950 police officers were deployed from four federal countries for the Nordderby match. Bremen has by its own account, "around 200,000 euros still to be transferred to the participating police forces and accomidation costs in the amount of 15,000 euros." In addition, approximately 210,000 euros of added costs were placed upon Bremen.

The DFL has acknowledged receiving the receipt in a statement, saying, "The DFL maintains its position on the expected procedure of the Bremen Senate. The content provided is both not effective and legally questionable. Professional football is therefore standing with all legal means, to fight against it."

"The amount of accured costs for this one Bundesliga game is an impressive showing of the burden which is placed upon the police forces of the state," said Bremen's Senator Ulrich Mäurer. The bill was "in the interest of tax payers."

The DFL has categorically rejected the approach made by Bremen and has announced legal action will be taken. Bremen received a consultation letter on Wednesday and now has four weeks to comment on the claim.

apc/ (dpa, SID)