Biike fires drive out winter | DW Travel | DW | 20.02.2015
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Biike fires drive out winter

Fires will again burn along the entire North Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein on February 21. This ancient local custom to drive out winter always attracts numerous visitors.

The fires will be lit in more than 60 locations. The Biike Fire custom is over 2000 years old. Its roots lie in a Frisian tradition which was designed to appease the heathen god Wotan. Later the fires were lit to bid farewell to seafarers leaving on whale hunting expeditions.

Today the fires are a tourist attraction. People gather to sing, dance and drink punch. After the fires, people head to local restaurants for a traditional meal of curly kale and sausages.

ks/pw (SH-Tourismus, DZT)