Bayern′s German Cup celebrations in Munich | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 22.05.2016
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Bayern's German Cup celebrations in Munich

Bayern welcomed a sea of fans at the famous Marienplatz in Munich to celebrate the club's German Cup title. It was also the last time Pep Guardiola would address the Bayern fans before moving to England.

Bayern Munich celebrated their German Cup win on Sunday in the only way they know how: to head to Munich's famous Marienplatz and show off their new trophies to over 10,000 adoring fans.

The German Cup win over Borussia Dortmund was the club's 18th and compliments the 26th Bundesliga title earned just a few weeks before. Both trophies also represented the fifth and sixth pieces of silverware for the departing Pep Guardiola.

Things kicked off in Munich in peculiar fashion, with central defender Jerome Boateng starting the festivities with some spontaneous beat-boxing. It wasn't exactly as traditional as a Munich oompa band but we liked it.

Away from the noise and distractions team captain Philipp Lahm took time out to wish a very special thanks to the club supporters who had galvanized the team throughout the season. As statesman like as ever, Philipp.

Similarly, Arturo Vidal – who was enjoying his 29th birthday – wasted little time getting in on the selfie game while atop of the balcony in Munich.

Aside from the euphoria of another successful season, there was a moment of somber reflection, as Guardiola addressed the Bayern fans for the final time. "It was an incredibly nice time here. Many thanks," proclaimed Guardiola from Munich's town hall.

Preferring a glass of white wine to the steins of Bavarian beer, the coach's brief thank you speech was met by tears in the crowd and of course an appropriate hashtag, #DankePep, on social media.

But before long things were back to normal…

Not bad, considering the boys were up partying all night…

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