As it happened: German Cup first round | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 16.08.2014
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As it happened: German Cup first round

Track all of the goals and giant-killings from the German Cup this afternoon through our live ticker. VfB Stuttgart crash out, losing 2-0 to Bochum, while all the other favourites progress.

23:30 So, that's the Saturday section of matches done. Thanks for joining us throughout the day. Check us out on Twitter @DW_Sports.

23:20 FSV Frankfurt progress 5:4 on spot-kicks after some nail-biting tension in Siegen. They will join city rivals Eintracht who progressed earlier with a 2-0 win over Viktoria Berlin.

23:00 So, penalties, it is. The drama, the tension, the excitement ... this game has all of a sudden become fascinating. Can Siegen prevail? Follow on Twitter for blow-by-blow account of the spot-kicks @DW_Sports

22:56 OMG! GOAL for SIEGEN! Bouadoud shrugs off the defender and finishes sweetly. We're going to spot-kicks!

22:54 Siegen doing their best to stay in this. Three minutes to go. They're punting long to Bouadoud who looks like their best route to goal.

22:41 The players take a well-earned breather, as the half-time whistle goes in extra-time. Another 15 minutes to go. One last push from Siegen ...

22:33 Not for long! FSV take the lead. Cross from the right and Kapllani scores his second to make it 3-2. The Siegen fans aren't singing much now.

22:30 Thank you, Bouadoud for that special nutmeg. So cool. Yeah, nothing else to update you with. It's still 2-2.

22:25 FSV restart proceedings.

22:22 So, all over in Berlin: Frankfurt of the Eintracht persuasion through. Siegen and FSV will compete for another half an hour. It's probably more tiring for us to watch this, than to play!

22:16 Unbelievable scenes in Siegen. Free-kick from Gluwacz smacks Bouadoud's back ... it goes in. Siegen go wild. But the referee has decided to call it as an offside. Shocking decision. What a moment that would have been.

22:14 RED! --- Schembri sent off for a last-man challenge. Great opportunity for Siegen from a close free-kick.

22:10 Siegen finally do shoot - and not far away from Hartwig. To add to the names stakes today, Siegen have a midfielder Konstantin Möllering. Classic.

22:07 SHOOOT ... SHOOT ... No, you shoot! Siegen pass up several chances to test the keeper across the 18-yard-box. Really should have scored.

22:07 Back in Berlin, Alex Meier almost tucks the ball in the opposite corner. Just misses. Eintracht continue to lead by a single goal.

22:00 GOAL! Kapllani converts. We're going to extra time, as it stands. Hooray! *not*

21:59 Penalty for FSV Frankfurt. Harsh, indeed.

21:57 Sub for Eintracht: Alex Meier introduced. But they've been lucky in the last few minutes with Huke of Viktoria Berlin missing one of the easiest chances you'll ever see.

21:53 Tired legs on the part of Viktoria Berlin. Plenty of stray passes, but you can't fault their ambition to take the game to Eintracht.

21:50 Little to call so far in this half, but Frankfurt testing the Siegen keeper from 30 yards through on-loan Vincenzo Grifo's free-kick. Siegen looking pretty comfortable against FSV.

21:38 If you weren't watching, you'd have missed the start of the second half. Pretty much a non-event so far. Eintracht lead; Siegen lead.

21:18: Half-time. 1-0 Eintracht, while Siegen lead 2-1. Ross Dunbar will take you through the last bit of Saturday's cup action.

21:15 Strong saves from Viktoria Berlin's number one. Lucas Piazon testing him firstly from short distance, then Takashi Inui shooting from range.

21:10 Well, hold the facts. FSV Frankfurt score. It's 2-1 to Siegen after 40 minutes with Yelen sliding in to score a goal that will get FSV's hopes back on track.

21:08 You might not know much about Siegen, but they were 1955 amateur champions of Germany. They got to the quarter-finals of the German Cup before - back in 1999 - but they lost to Wolfsburg. They were on the verge of the 2.Bundesliga that season too.

21:03 .... and there are some more dramatic scenes in Siegen. The regional league side are leading 2-0 after Ibrahimaj converts by sliding in on his knees to guide home Glowacz's cross. Esptein, FSV's left-back will be fuming after he made the mistake that lead to the chance. 2-0 Sportfreunde Siegen. Yes, you read that right.

21:00 Decent chance for FSV in Siegen. Huber, the full-back who made the early mistake, blazes over after a decent bit of skill from Roshi.

20:58 Frankfurt are backed by more than 3,000 fans in the capital. They've had one thing to cheer about in a one-sided encounter.

20:51 Back in Siegen, the host's number seven eyes a free kick but he curls narrowly. FSV then call for a handball in the box after a cross is cleared in a panic by Siegen. Looked more than a little suspicious.

20:50: Over in the capital, Frankfurt are in control after the opening twenty. Funny what an early goal can do for you.

20:46: GOAL! 1-0 Siegen! Another upset is on the cards here as it's Siegen who take the lead against the second-division team. Zouhair Bouadoud (yet another name gem) taps home after a comical error from FSV Frankfurt's defence. Alexander Huber panics, fails to connect with the ball and falls desperately to watch his mistake punished. Fairly unforgivable.

20:43: The other Frankfurt team - FSV - have also started, just down the road in Siegen. It's 0-0 after the opening 14 minutes. We'll keep you up to date on that one as it progresses of course.

20:39: GOAL Frankfurt!
We move from Kaiserslautern to Eintracht Frankfurt, who are playing in Berlin against Viktoria Berlin, and the Bundesliga visitors have already done what either of our previous two teams could. A terrible defensive mistake from Berlin allows Swiss striker Haris Seferovic to sneak in and round a falling goalkeeper. Goals - they're as simple as that.

5-3 FCK - Kaiserslautern are through to the second round!
Heintz scores and that is that. Wiesbaden huffed and puffed, but couldn't blow the second-division's house down. FCK are through, but have some serious improving to do.

4-3 FCK
Geyer has to score and does so... But if FCK score the next, it's all over for the third-division team.

4-2 FCK
Torrejon does the captain's job and puts FCK two ahead.

3-2 FCK - Sippel saves!
Mrowca takes a predictable kick and Sippel saves!

3-2 FCK
A quick run up, but Mugosa makes no mistake and we're still 100 percent in the shoot out.

Cool penalty. Sippel dives the same way, but Book can't be read (of course) and we are level again.

2-1 FCK
Sub Fomitschow shoots through Fromlowitz, to score.

Wiemann follows suit, and corner, to square the scores.

1-0 FCK
Hofmann steps up first and after a lengthy wait, sends Fromlowitz the wrong way. Good start.

FCK to go first

20:30 Last time we went to penalties in the German Cup, the game finished 5-5. Not that much luck this time, but it should still be a cracker. Who doesn't love some penalty shoot-out drama?

20:28: End of 120 minutes - SV Wehen Wiesbaden 0-0 1. FC Kaiserslautern (Penalties to follow)

20:27: LATE DRAMA!
With one minute left on the clock, Fromlowitz fumbles and Matmour scores... but he's offside (by miles) and so to penalties we go!

20:24: We haven't forgotten about Eintracht Frankfurt's kick off, which is moments away. The teams are in for that one and Nelson Valdez gets a start on his return to German football, as does Chelsea youngster Lucas Piazon:

20:19: Away from the archives and back to the future! Kaiserslautern miss a chance to score and then, well I almost can't believe I'm typing it. Wiesbaden break and Schnellbacher has the headlines at his feet when the pass is squared, but the bobble the ball takes as it approaches him is mountainous and as a result, he can't get the shot away. Typical of the game, but remarkable to see. The third division side are six minutes from a penalty shoot-out.

20:16 It seems odd to suggest considering we've had 110 minutes of fairly tepid football from them, but wouldn't FC Kaiserslautern love a cup win in the absence of consistent league form? They lost the 2003 final to Bayern, but won the 1996 one against Karlsruhe (1-0). Remember any of these faces? Andreas Brehme the most famous.

Flash-Galerie DFB-Pokal

Andreas Brehme, third from the left, lifts FCK's last cup win

20:13 Second half of extra time
And before we can think too much about the stop in play, we're back underway.

20:11 Half time in extra time (0-0)
Just when the game had started to gather some momentum, the referee blows for half time. Shame. Still, 15 minutes left before penalties. Still can't believe that Srdjan Lakic won't be coming off the bench for FCK today. The striker may be a little temperamental, but he's always good for a goal, particularly in these situations. He won't get a chance now that there are no subs left to make though.

20:09: Now we've got a game! The atmosphere is building and FCK captain Marc Torrejon narrowly heads over. Another chance, but Kaiserslautern are looking the more likely to score here. How much have Wiesbaden got left in the tank?

20:07: There's more intent here, but no end product. Ring has come off, Fomitschow on.

20:01: JUST WIDE! (0-0)
A great cross from Mugosa finds the angled head of Jenssen but he puts it the wrong side of the post. Really good chance there for FCK. And then down the other, Schnellbacher curls wide as the goal opened up for him. A first in the game that. Two chances, one after the other. The chances of a goal being scored are increasing.

19:59 For those who have just joined us, don't forget to catch up on the day's German Cup wrap-up. There was one upset and a whole host of goals.

19:58: Extra time has started and FCK race towards goal immediately. Sadly, race doesn't mean score and the chance is once again cleared.

19:52: I think I might have mentioned extra time as a possibility around the hour mark and here we are. A question of fitness now surely?

19:51: End of the 90 minutes - SV Wehen Wiesbaden 0-0 1. FC Kaiserslautern (Extra time to follow)

19:50 Wiesbaden throw everything forward, but...

19:46: It would be great to hear from anyone following on here. Had technology not failed me earlier on in the day, I'd have spread the conversations all over the page too. Still, get in touch if you are a suffering fan of either of these sides, or a German football fan watching on! Tweet us @DW_Sports and I'll see if I can get it on here. Two minutes left. Both sides can find space. Book then fires over - he didn't read the script (sorry, again).

19:43: We have a pitch invader! Almost on cue you might say. Fromlowitz helps him off the field, eventually. Kaiserslautern have made a change, and just before all that drama too. Zimmer has come on for Schulze in another like for like (defensive) change. Wiesbaden earn a corner and raise the hopes of their fans, but it's cleared. Three minutes until extra time.

19:35: On the note of name gems, SV Wehen Wiesbaden have a player in midfielder today called Nils-Ole Book. He's read the game well so far (Sorry, hard to resist really).

19:33 HUGE CHANCE! (0-0)
I might not have been far wrong with my tempting words. Wiesbaden have a glorious chance to take the lead but José Pierre Vunguidica (another gem) heads across goal rather than at it and no one can get on the end of the ball. There's only 13 minutes left here and Wiesbaden are starting to fancy their chances.

19:28: The opposite to the "Thriller in Manila"? The "Woe of Wiesbaden" perhaps? Well, there's nothing woeful about the home side's efforts today that's for sure. Just the entertainment factor that's lacking. Sippel has to tip a deflected cross over the bar and then Weisbaden flash a low ball across goal. If I keep tempting fate...

19:23: A dangerous free kick from Chris Löwe - that's lion in German and he used to play for Borussia Dortmund, not a bad combination really - but Wiesbaden deal with it, again. It's been the story of the day. Although, in truth, aside from Hofmann's poor composure there haven't been many stories at all.

19:19: A change for Wiesbaden. Schnellbacher - promise we aren't making these names up, they are just that good - comes on for Benyamina. It's a like for like jobbie. Oh, it's still 0-0 here. 64 minutes played.

19:09: CHANCE! (0-0)
That has to be the mis-hit of the season (already). Hofmann, who had the best chance of the first half, fluffs his lines again. The ball is squared to him in the box and the goal beckons, but he strikes the ball all wrong and it poses no danger to the goalkeeper. He won't, as they say, want to see that back.

19:07: A header and then another call Sippel into action, but he's alive to it. Got to give Wiesbaden credit here. As tepid as FCK have been, the hosts have been on hand to deal with the threat when it has come. Early signs of extra time appearing.

19:02: We're back! Both our commentary and the game. Funny that... Anyway, the second half has started and Wiesbaden are still very much in this one. No goals yet, although perhaps we had all of them earlier on in the day?

18:46: HALF TIME! Wiesbaden have held Kaiserslautern at the break and there's really not much more to report. 45 more minutes ahead, but we've also got these two games to follow later on this evening:

Viktoria Berlin- Eintracht Frankfurt

Sportfreunde Siegen - FSV Frankfurt

18:41: Until now! A HUGE chance for Hofmann as he's found free in the box and although the striker connects, his volley goes wide of the post. Should have scored really, and that's why his face is one of disappointment.

18:40: Hofmann drills an indirect free kick wide of the post from around 30 yards. Muted has been the name of the game for Kaiserslautern's attack.

18:33: 0-0 after 35 minutes
After that short, historical aside, I can assure you that the score hasn't changed since we last updated. Kaiserslautern were pressing, but are no longer and the game is drifting a bit. The closest we've come is from set-pieces, but both teams have done nothing more than flirt with the prospect of a goal.

18:28: Kaiserslautern - A side full of tradition
The German Cup does throw up some new teams now and again, and although Kaiserslautern aren't new to most football fans, their history might be. A side famous for launching a number of German talents - Miroslav Klose for example - were a newly-promoted side in 1998/1999, and they ended up making history. A 4-0 win on the penultimate matchday against Wolfsburg saw them seal the Bundesliga title to become the first side ever promoted side to win the league. Involved that day? Michael Ballack, in Kaiserslautern colors, and USA star Claudio Reyna, in Wolfsburg's gerish green.

Flash-Galerie Michael Ballack

Ballack vs. Reyna - once a Bundesliga battle

18:20: FCK striker Philipp Hofmann, signed from Schalke 04 in the summer, wins a free kick on the right wing but it's cleared before any trouble appears. Hofmann impressed while on loan at Ingolstadt last season and is a smart purchase by Kaiserslautern. He and his teammates are turning up the tempo here, but a little slowly.

18:17: A bit of a goalmouth scramble, but Sippel deals with it for Kaiserslautern. No goals and we've had 20 minutes here. Dare I say I'm beginning to have withdrawl symptoms from the goal bonanza earlier on?

18:12: Kaiserslautern are a little too wide for their coach Kosta Runjaic, who is barking instructions from the sidelines. His team are under pressure to return to the top flight, but today is about starting a cup run. The first quarter of an hour has gone and the loudest thing to report about from an FCK perspective is, as often is the case, their fans.

18:08: After a relatively quiet opening, drama. Wiesbaden think they've scored the opener, but they've got a player in an offside position blocking Kaiserlautern goalkeeper Tobias Sippel's view. So no goal and rightly so. Perhaps not so much drama.

18:00: And we are underway in Wiesbaden's quaint stadium. Here's hoping for an epic of Mainz vs. Chemnitz proportions. Kaiserslautern are in white today, while the hosts take the visitor's usual strip of red.

17:59: Florian Fromlowitz is in goal for Wiesbaden today. He's a former FC Kaiserslautern man. The club are famous for producing goalkeeping talents... Eintracht Frankfurt's new captain - Kevin Trapp - is just one of those names.

17:54: Can Kaiserslautern follow the suit of the other favourites and win in the evening's early kick off? Their early league form has been as intriguing. They sealed a dramatic opening day comeback win (3-2) against 1860 Munich before drawing away to plucky Sandhausen. Wehen Wiesbaden, in the third division, are keen to upset the party.

17:29: ... But it wasn't to be for VfB Stuttgart who crashed out losing 2-0 to VfL Bochum. There were also wins for St. Pauli and Eintracht Braunschweig and Greuther Fürth. In half an hour, we've got SV Wehen Wiesbaden taking on sleeping giant 1. FC Kaiserlautern and then later on tonight, we've got the two Frankfurt teams in action. Viktoria 1899 Berlin host Eintracht Frankfurt while FSV Frankfurt travel to Sportfreunde Siegen. Stay with us for all the updates!

Fußball DFB-Pokal 1. Runde: VFL Bochum VFB Stuttgart

Torrode the terrible? It certainly was from a Stuttgart perspective.

17:27: So a whole host of Bundesliga sides progressed today. Borussia Dortmund, Hertha BSC, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Hannover 96 and 1. FC Cologne are all through...

17:24: Full-time scores!

FSV Optik Rathenow 1:3 FC St. Pauli

FC Homburg 1:3 Borussia Mönchengladbach

Bremer SV 0:1 Eintracht Braunschweig

VfL Bochum 2:0 VfB Stuttgart

Viktoria Köln 2:4 Hertha BSC

Stuttgarter Kickers 1:4 Borussia Dortmund

FC Astoria Walldorf 1:3 Hannover 96

FT Braunschweig 0:4 1. FC Köln

SV Waldkirch 0:3 SpVgg Greuther Fürth

17:22: VfB Stuttgart are out in the first round!
Armin Veh's side have lost 2-0 to VfL Bochum in the first round of the German Cup after two cool finishes from Simon Torrode.

17:19: What will Veh say after this? His Stuttgart look to be heading out in the only upset of the day. Everyone else has followed their script, but Bochum have written their own cup script, as is often the way in this special tournament.

Fußball DFB-Pokal 1. Runde: Stuttgarter Kickers - Borussia Dortmund

Dortmund progressed but showed signs of still learning Klopp's new system

17:15: Another goal for Borussia Dortmund! Adrian Ramos gets in on the act, and an act it has become now as the Kickers have finally succumbed. A typical angled finish from the Colombian gets the smile back on Klopp's face. Three minutes of stoppage time left.

17:10: More goals seep in as team's tire. FSV Optik Rathenow have their consolation. Shelby Printemps - this really is an amazing afternoon for names isn't it? - has scored. St. Pauli still lead but only 3-1 now. Fürth have three after Benedikt Röckner headed in smartly from a corner and just in (literally as I started typing), Cologne have a fourth - Simon Zoller scores the second chipped goal of the game.

17:09: Are Stuttgart heading out? They've only got eight minutes left before Veh will face some uncomfortable questions. Got to credit VfL Bochum though - they've battled.

Fußball DFB-Pokal 1. Runde: VFL Bochum VFB Stuttgart

Bochum have made it very difficult for Stuttgart

17:06: Joselu makes sure! He cost five million euros but he's all but sealed 96's progression after firing in a third to end a weary Astoria Walldorf's challenge (3-1 now). Their one man advantage goes unused...

17:04: GOAL! Aubameyang side-foots from close range after smart work by Kirch on the edge of the box allows Piszczek to cross for the striker. He fancies that 20-goal mark doesn't he?

17:03: TWO GOALS! Two different games might well have been decided with those two goals. Julian Schieber bravely slides in to put Hertha back up by two (4-2 now), but in bigger news the 10 men of Hannover are back in the lead after captain Lars Stindl curls in a beauty. Cup drama.

16:57: Scores as the final 20 minutes approach. (We have to mention Branimir Hrgota as he scored Gladbach's third - one we missed in the goal bonanza):

FSV Optik Rathenow 0:3 FC St. Pauli

FC Homburg 1:3 Borussia Mönchengladbach

Bremer SV 0:1 Eintracht Braunschweig

VfL Bochum 2:0 VfB Stuttgart

Viktoria Köln 2:3 Hertha BSC

Stuttgarter Kickers 1:2 Borussia Dortmund

FC Astoria Walldorf 1:1 Hannover 96

FT Braunschweig 0:3 1. FC Köln

SV Waldkirch 0:2 SpVgg Greuther Fürth

Fußball DFB-Pokal 1. Runde: VFL Bochum VFB Stuttgart

Terrode applies a very cool finish

16:55: Please note that last update was a goal, it's just the GOAL tag has been used so much that it needed a break. A true goalrush in the second half here. Since the break, we've had 16 goals. SIXTEEN! And we've still got 20 minutes left in the second half...

16:53: Upset on the hands here? I've already tempted fated in one game and it looks like, it true cup fashion, we may have another turnaround on the cards. Viktoria Köln have gone from celebrating a consolation goal to dreaming of more after scoring a second. They are now only one goal adrift against Hertha now after Candan's close-range strike.

16:49: GOAL! Yes, you guessed it. Another one has gone in. Matthias Lehmann lifts a lovely chip into the net. Cologne are all but through now. FT Braunschweig look a spent force.

16:47: GOAL! It's almost unsurprising now I suppose, but there's been another goal ladies and gentlemen. Stuttgarter Kickers have pulled one back against Dortmund. Perhaps I was too soon with my done and dusted statement. Randy Edwini-Bonsu - another cracking name - scores from an offside position.

16:45: YET ANOTHER GOAL! There's just no let up this afternoon is there? Astoria Walldorf have finally found their equaliser! Nico Hillenbrand bumbles the ball home from close range after Hannover, with 10 men remember, go to sleep from a set-piece - sound familiar? 1-1 with 30 minutes to go!

16:44: GOAL! Viktoria Köln have their goal. It might be nothing more than a consolation, but Mike Wunderlich - a beautiful footballer's name - curls in. 3-1 down now against Hertha.

16:41: Aubameyang strikes! Borussia Dortmund might be struggling but Stuttgarter Kickers have just handed them a second really. A poor back-pass is seized upon by Aubameyang and he curls into the empty net. That looks like that (Reus has just come off after a quiet but necessary 56 minutes - Kehl comes to take the armband).

16:38: TOO MANY GOALS! The keyboard is on fire. The teams have burst out of the changing rooms and the goals are flowing like rain during a Scottish summer. 3-0 to St. Pauli, Christopher Nöthe. Hertha Berlin also make it three thanks to Haraguchi. Anthony Ujah has just smashed his and Cologne's second into the top corner and Fürth have also doubled up thanks to a Mudrinski goal. Keep up!

16:37: AND ANOTHER ONE! And perhaps this is the most decisive goal of the afternoon too. It's 2-0 to Bochum! Armin Veh's reign at Stuttgart is off to a bad start as Bochum counter-attack superbly and Terrode applies a cool finish.

Fußball DFB-Pokal 1. Runde: FC 08 Homburg - Borussia Mönchengladbach

Tim Stegerer's best career goal? We think so.

16:34: GOALS! And lots of them. 1-0 to Cologne - Anthony Ujah clips Cologne into the lead, 1-0 to Fürth - Stephane Schröck wrong foots the goalkeeper, and 1-0 to Braunschweig - that man Havard Nielsen is on hand to put them ahead.

16:30: It's a close run thing between Ronny and Tim Stegerer for the goal of the first half. Think the Homburg man wins it just because we've seen it all before from Ronny... Anyway, back to the action! The next 45 minutes have got underway around the grounds in Germany.

16:19: Well, it's not been a spectacular set of first 45 minutes, but there are still a few upsets on the cards. All eyes will be on Borussia Dortmund, who although they lead have struggled to implent coach Klopp's new system. An early cup exit would be a big setback, particularly as BVB are expected to battle on all three fronts this year. But that means more games and that can be tough - As Mark Hallam pointed out about Mainz last night.

HALF TIME! Here are the half time scores for you:

FSV Optik Rathenow 0:2 FC St. Pauli

FC Homburg 1:2 Borussia Mönchengladbach

Bremer SV 0:0 Eintracht Braunschweig

VfL Bochum 1:0 VfB Stuttgart

Viktoria Köln 0:2 Hertha BSC

Stuttgarter Kickers 0:1 Borussia Dortmund

FC Astoria Walldorf 0:1 Hannover 96

FT Braunschweig 0:0 1. FC Köln

SV Waldkirch 0:0 SpVgg Greuther Fürth

16:17: You bet there are! GOAL! Gladbach are back in front just before the break. Branimir Hrgota pokes home from close range to deflate Homburg.

16:16: We're coming up to half time. More twists before the interval?

16:13: Stuttgarter Kickers might be a goal down, but they are playing really, really well against BVB. Jürgen Klopp is not a happy man, even after this earlier on...

Fußball DFB-Pokal 1. Runde: Stuttgarter Kickers - Borussia Dortmund

Mkhitaryan's break out year?

16:11: GOAL! We can actually update you as it happens with this one. Hertha have doubled their lead. A hospital pass from Viktoria Köln's goalkeeper is seized upon by Hertha's attack and after Ronny is stopped, Dutchman Roy Beeres chips in handsomely. That might just be that, but then again, remembering Mainz last night...

16:08: Technology can be a pain can't it? So can heavy lunges... RED CARD! Hannover's Marcelo throws himself in and sees red for Hannover. So Tayfun Korkut's men may lead by one, but they are now a man down. A chance for Astoria Walldorf?

16:05: Mkhitaryan continues his fine form to give Dortmund the lead in Stuttgart, who are actually playnig in VfB stadium's due to their large travelling support. Speaking of Stuttgart, they're a goal down in what looks like a possible upset after Chelsea's Oriel Romeu forgets he has traded blue for red to set up Bochum's opener with a remarkably poor pass. Ronny has belted Hertha into the lead - no surprise there - and Joselu has opened his competitive account for Hannover. Phew! Now we're up to date ladies and gentlemen.

16:03: Let's give you those scores after just over half an hour shall we?:

FSV Optik Rathenow 0:2 FC St. Pauli

FC Homburg 1:1 Borussia Mönchengladbach

Bremer SV 0:0 Eintracht Braunschweig

VfL Bochum 1:0 VfB Stuttgart

Viktoria Köln 0:1 Hertha BSC

Stuttgarter Kickers 0:1 Borussia Dortmund

FC Astoria Walldorf 0:1 Hannover 96

FT Braunschweig 0:0 1. FC Köln

SV Waldkirch 0:0 SpVgg Greuther Fürth

16:00: After some major technical difficulties, we're can announce that our live blog is here, although not in the form we've had wanted. Still, the show must go on and I, Jonathan Harding, have got some serious goals to tell you about...

The first round of the German Cup continues throughout Saturday with a further 12 matches, involving seven Bundesliga clubs.

Friday night's action saw both Nürnberg and top-flight Mainz dumped out by lower league opposition, while Bayer Leverkusen triumphed by six goals.

Today sees the likes of Borussia Dortmund, Hannover 96 and Borussia Mönchengladbach make their competitive season bow in the first round of the Cup.

Follow all the action in our live blog, or on Twitter @DW_Sports and we'd love to hear your thoughts on the matches.

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