Animals with funny names in German | Meet the Germans | DW | 17.01.2018
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Meet the Germans

Animals with funny names in German

In German, a flying dog is not a dog and a washing bear is not a bear. Meet the Germans host Kate Müser explores some of the cutest - and most curious - German animal names (with the help of some stuffed friends).

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Animals with funny names in German | Meet the Germans

Every other week, DW's Kate Müser explores the quirks of everyday life and language in Germany. Originally from the United States, Müser has lived in Germany for over 13 years. Follow Meet the Germans on YouTube or at

While dogs aren't among the animals that have unusual names in German - they're simply called "Hunde" - they are a popular pet. And German breeds are popular throughout the world. Do you know which breeds originated in Germany? Click through the gallery below to find out.

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