10 dog breeds that originated in Germany | Meet the Germans | DW | 21.03.2018

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Meet the Germans

10 dog breeds that originated in Germany

Could you name 10 off the top of your head? DW walks you through some breeds whose origins are very much German, even if their names might suggest otherwise. They've since become famous around the world.

Some are cuddly, others might bite your hand if they got the chance. These dog breeds are popular the world over, but have one thing in common: their German roots. 

Click through the gallery above for more about some of the most beloved German dog breeds. In the gallery below, animal lovers will appreciate these Germans words that appear to be inspired by the animal kingdom — but, at second glance, don't actually have anything to do with furry or feathered friends. 

And you'll find more from Meet the Germans on YouTube or at dw.com/MeettheGermans.

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