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Alexandria: Jewel of the Mediterranean at Risk of Sinking

September 22, 2022

Alexandria was once considered a jewel of the Mediterranean, but now sea levels are rising in the Egyptian city - to a dangerous degree.

DW Sendung Global 3000 | Alexandrias Kampf gegen den Untergang
Image: BR

In many places the beach is only a few meters wide, and officials are scrambling to keep the city from sinking. 


Also on Global 3000:


DW Sendung Global 3000 | Im Land der schmelzenden Gletscher
Image: DW

Alaska - The land of melting glaciers

Alaskans are witnessing thawing glaciers, retreating fish, and polar bears that wander into cities. Residents of the northernmost US city of Utqiagvik are watching the icy ground under their feet melt away, with dire consequences.  


DW Sendung Global 3000 | Skaten auf Plastikdeckeln
Image: WDR

Rio residents makes skateboards from bottle caps

Rio’s biggest favela biggest favela Rocinha is a hotspot of creativity and innovation. Residents there make skateboards out of recycled bottlecaps. The clever approach to plastic waste reduction protects the environment and creates jobs.


DW Sendung Global 3000 | Die Plastik-Räuber von Delhi
Image: WDR

Indian ‘plastic thieves’ fight pollution

India has a big problem with plastic waste, so a group of young people took matters into their own hands. They dress up like robbers and steel plastic from passersby. They hope to draw attention to a problem, but they face massive criticism.



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