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Head shot of a women (Agnes Szabo) with long dark red hair
Agnes SzaboImage: András Jókúti

Agnes Szabo

Berlin-based writer for DW's Hungarian service. Reports on culture, society and politics in Hungary

Agnes Szabo has been working as a print and video journalist for Hungarian media for 20 years and for German media (including taz, die tageszeitung and Der Freitag) for ten years. She has been working for DW since 2021.

Agnes studied journalism and to be a teacher of German in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Even during her studies, she worked as a freelance writer for several magazines and as a writer and editor for Hungarian public television.

In 2012, she was granted a "Media mediators between peoples" scholarship from the Robert Bosch Stiftung. Although she has been living and working in Berlin ever since, Hungary remains the main focus of her work.