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Africa's stolen treasures: Time to give them back?

May 6, 2021

Will the return of the Benin Bronzes mark a turning point in Germany's approach to its colonial past? Our guests: Mnyaka Sururu Mboro (Berlin Postkolonial), Carola Lentz (Goethe Institute), Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung (SAVVY Contemporary)

To The Point  I 06.05.2021 I Mnyaka Mboro
Image: DW


Mnyaka Sururu Mboro from the campaign group Berlin Postkolonial, who says: "More important than the return of cultural artefacts is the return of the remains of our ancestors."


To The Point  I 06.05.2021 I Bonaventure Ndkung
Image: DW



Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung. He's a Cameroon-born curator and author, who believes: "It is no secret that colonialism—in all its forms —is a crime against humanity."


To The Point  I 06.05.2021 I Carola Lentz
Image: DW


Carola Lentz, president of Germany's Goethe Institute. She argues that "The long-overdue return of artefacts from the colonial period is also an opportunity for cultural exchange between Germany, Europe and the countries of origin."

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