Adele rumored to be close to signing record-breaking deal | Music | DW | 25.05.2016
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Adele rumored to be close to signing record-breaking deal

According to media reports, Adele is close to sign one of the biggest record deals in music history with Sony Music. Sources differ on the sums involved, ranging from 100 to 160 million euros.

The 28-year old British singer is known for writing many of her songs herself. The ten-time grammy winner, who also took home a number of BRIT-Awards over the years, even received an Oscar for the title song of the James Bond-film "Skyfall."

Music business experts have been wondering why the singing sensation was still working with a London-based Independent-Label. It looks like this is about to change: According to the British dailies "The Sun" and "The Guardian," Adele is about to sign a deal with major music-label Sony Music. The "Sun" quote a source working at Sony Music as saying that the label had secured "the biggest music star of this generation."

Ranking of record deals

Michael Jackson still ranks number one among record-break record deals - even if that deal involved was only signed posthumously. In 2010, one year after the King of Pop had died, his executor signed a deal with Sony Music worth at least 178 Millionen euros ($200 million).

Jackson is closely followed by the U2 with their deal with Polydor worth 168 million euros in 1993 ($187 million in today's conversion rates). Number three is US rapper Jay Z, who signed a deal worth "only" 123 million euros ($137 millon) in 2008 with the Label Live Nation.

Keeping it real

Adele's net worth is estimated to be lower than those of US stars Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. However, there's no question that the new deal would substantially add to her fortunes. Nevertheless, Adele has always stressed that she remains down to earth and won't sign up for making money with publicity stunts like many other artists do.