A sea of pink - The annual almond blossom | DW Travel | DW | 15.02.2016
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A sea of pink - The annual almond blossom

A few almond trees were already seen blossoming in Germany in December 2015. And now, in mid-February, the trees are in full bloom - as they normally are at this time of year only on Mallorca.

The very mild winter has seen almond trees blossoming unseasonably early this year in southwest Germany. The annual almond blossom festivals are therefore being held sooner. According to the tourism authorities, festivities in e.g. Edenkoben will probably take place on February 21/22. Visitors can as always also look forward to regional specialties from local vintners and food manufacturers. Meanwhile a host of palaces, castles, churches and city gates along Germany’s Wine Road are already being lit up in pink in tribute to the almond blossoms.

The Spanish island of Mallorca saw its first almond trees blossom in January. They are currently in full bloom.

The almond blossom season is a popular tourist attraction on Mallorca, which is home to around four million almond trees.

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