A facelift for the Grandhotel Pupp | DW Travel | DW | 10.04.2017
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A facelift for the Grandhotel Pupp

It has already begun with the renovation of the legendary Becher's Bar. The new owner plans to optimize the décor and services in the luxury hotel in the Czech spa town of Karlovy Vary, once known as Carlsbad.

The Pupp is one of the most renowned hotels in Europe. Between 1896 and 1907, the existing Baroque and Rococo buildings were extended to form a magnificent neo-Baroque complex that  achieved worldwide fame under Julius Pupp (1870–1936). 

Tschechien – Karlsbad (picture-alliance/IMAGNO/Austrian Archives)

Postcard from 1910

One of the hotel's famous guests was Ludwig van Beethoven, who spent the summer of 1812 there and also gave a concert.

Tschechien – Karlsbad (picture-alliance/R. Hackenberg)

Marble bathroom

The iconic hotel has repeatedly served as a shooting location, as it did in 2006, for the James Bond film "Casino Royale." It was also one of the prototypes for the design of the Grand Budapest Hotel in the 2014 film of the same name.

Tschechien – Karlsbad (picture-alliance/R. Hackenberg)

View into the hall

Following the Second World War, the hotel was nationalized by the Czechoslovakian government and renamed the Grandhotel Moskva in 1950. In 1989 it was reprivatized and extensively restored. Since then it has again borne the name Grandhotel Pupp. 

Tschechien - Karlsbad (picture-alliance/R. Hackenberg)

Wall paintings in the lobby

Radio Prague reports that its new owner, GHPCZ Invest Limited, which belongs to financier Pavel Hubáček, now plans to invest more in its furnishings and services.

After the end of April, the reconstructed Becher's Bar, furnished in the style of an early 20th century English pub, will be offering a cocktail hour. The bar in the Grandhotel Pupp has been a meeting place for stars and celebrities during the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival since 1946. The 2017 festival takes place from 30 June to 8 July.   

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