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8 similarities between Wagner and Rammstein

Rick Fulker
July 28, 2017

DW's music editor Rick Fulker hasn't missed a year of the Richard Wagner Festival in Bayreuth for over 27 years. Here are his musings about what the 19th century composer has in common with shock rockers Rammstein.

Bildkombi Richard Wagner Rammstein

Experiencing the bewitching harmonies, full-assault emotionality and cathartic effect of a Rammstein song, one can easily be reminded of Richard Wagner's operas, which plumb the depths, skirt no issues and leave a person cleansed.

That requires repeated exposure to Wagner's music however, and it's just not to everyone's taste.

Same goes for Rammstein. But does their music speak to a different crowd? Not necessarily. Richard Wagner's great-granddaughter Katharina Wagner, head of the Bayreuth Festival, is one of their fans. So is DW's music editor Rick Fulker, who's picked out a few similarities between Wagner and Rammstein - to be discovered in the gallery above. 

There are probably many, many more.