Zhanna Nemtsova becomes a reporter for Deutsche Welle | Press Releases | DW | 17.07.2015
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Press Releases

Zhanna Nemtsova becomes a reporter for Deutsche Welle

The daughter of slain Russian politician Boris Nemtsov will begin working in the Russian department of Deutsche Welle.

Starting in August, 31-year-old Zhanna Nemtsova will begin working as a reporter in the Russian department of Deutsche Welle in Bonn, Germany. After studying economics at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), Nemtsova pursued a career in journalism at the Russian business news channel RBC TV, where she worked as a presenter and interviewed political and business figures.

Following the assassination of her father, political opposition leader and Putin-critic Boris Nemtsov in February 2015, Zhanna Nemtsova initially wanted to stay in Russia to help ensure the thorough investigation of the murder. "We see how slow the investigations are," Nemtsova told DW in May. "Along with many others, I have legitimate doubts whether this investigation will proceed properly. This requires a political will which does not exist."

Nemtsova, however, left the country after realizing her own safety was in danger. "I received threats," she says. "There was particular pressure on me to stop conducting such intense investigations into my father’s assassination."

Deutsche Welle offered Nemtsova the opportunity to work freely as a journalist and live in safety. DW Director General Peter Limbourg says, "I am delighted to have Zhanna Nemtsova come to work for Deutsche Welle. Her clear stance and renown will further strengthen our successful Russian programming."

In her new job, Zhanna Nemtsova sees "the opportunity to put my journalistic experience to work in a way that was no longer possible in Russia. Deutsche Welle is a trustworthy source of information for many people in Russia. I look forward to my work in the Russian editorial department."

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Christoph Jumpelt, Deutsche Welle, Head of Corporate Communications and Spokesperson

Christoph Jumpelt

Head of Corporate Communications and Spokesperson

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