YOUNG GLOBAL LEADERS | Global 3000 - The Globalization Program | DW | 11.02.2011
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Global 3000


They are young people from a variety of disciplines such as Economy, Politics, Science and Culture, who have committed themselves to working towards a better future for our world.


Every year the World Economic Forum identifies up to 300 exceptional individuals as ‘Young Global Leaders’. Global 3000 interviewed 11 of the most innovative thinkers and people of action. Topics included global warming, poverty, energy policies, world hunger/food crisis, and leadership styles. In our 5-part series, you’ll hear about these pressing issues from people who know what they are talking about.


NEW in 2011:


Part 1: Leadership

03.01.2011 DW-TV Global 3000 ygl er

Acha Leke, a business advisor from Cameroon , says Africa needs better leaders. He co-founded the African Academy of Leadership. Every year it trains 100 young and talented Africans.

03.01.2011 DW-TV Global 3000 ygl sie

Siobhan Walsh has been instrumental in recruiting and retaining leaders in the finance, business, and media sector to serve as members of the Concern Worldwide US board of directors.

Part 2: Growing Up

10.01.2011 DW-TV Global 3000 wachsen 1

The Nigerian entrepreneur Hafsat Abiola-Costello would like to see closer collaboration with China, because China has managed to pull millions of people out of poverty. Her company 'China-Africa-Bridge' promotes cooperation with the top Asian world exporter.

10.01.2011 DW-TV Global 3000 wachsen 2

Norwegian top athlete and former speed skater Johann Olaf Koss founded the organization 'Right to Play', which fights for children's rights.

Part 3: Knowledge

24.01.2011 DW-TV Global 3000 erik charas

Erik Charas explains why the poor should also know the latest about new mobile phone technology and about how he started a free newspaper in his homeland Mozambique to share that information.

24.01.2011 DW-TV Global 3000 kate roberts

Briton Kate Roberts works for PSI Population Services International, an organization which provides medical care to the poor. We go with her to meet a fascinating young African woman who liberated herself from a life of poverty.


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