World Women′s Day: DW launches Facebook account ′DW Women′ | Press Releases | DW | 07.03.2019

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Press Releases

World Women's Day: DW launches Facebook account 'DW Women'

Launching on International Women's Day, "DW Women," Deutsche Welle's newest social media offering, will provide a broad variety of content related to women’s rights and empowerment.

The Facebook site "DW Women" will include portraits of courageous women from around the globe and programs specially geared toward women and girls. The goal is to lend a voice to victims of oppression and to address gender discrimination worldwide. 

DW Editor-in-Chief Ines Pohl: "Women empowerment is one of our main focus topics. The new Facebook account will help make our content about and for women more visible. It is kind of a 'best of' compilation of DW content from all editorial teams."

"DW Women" is an interdisciplinary account which merges former DW projects “Women Talk Online” and "Global Society." 

"We are pooling our resources and will start off with more than 344,000 fans," Project Manager Vanessa Fischer said. 

Topics featured on "DW Women" will cover education and career advancement, traditions and taboos, the generation gap and sustainability. Female vloggers will report weekly from four continents and share the perspective of women in their part of world. 

On International Women’s Day, DW is presenting the new series "Digital Warriors" in German and English. It portrays women from around the world who intend to affect change in their societies. This week’s documentaries and editions of the DW TV magazine shows Euromaxx, Arts.21, Global 3000 and Check-In, as well as talk show Quadriga, will all have a special focus on women. All of DW's coverage on March 8 can be watched live on