Why is it so difficult to live with HIV in Uganda? | Africa on the Move | DW | 25.06.2021

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Africa on the Move

Why is it so difficult to live with HIV in Uganda?

In Uganda, people living with HIV and the medical community point to prejudice as a major barrier to the well-being of those infected. Segregation of HIV-positive people is common because people are afraid of contracting the virus. Despite the country's progress in fighting HIV in Uganda, the challenges are still immense.

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We will call this young man Patrick. The 26-year-old lives on the outskirts of Kampala. His daily life is filled with discrimination. Patrick was born with HIV. The virus created barriers to living in his community. Thousands of HIV-positive people suffer the same stigma. There are about 1.3 million people living with HIV here. UNAIDS reports progress in fighting HIV in Uganda. AIDS-related deaths down 60% since 2010. New infections also fell 43% in the same period