Which country has the best outfits for Rio Olympics? | Lifestyle | DW | 05.08.2016
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Which country has the best outfits for Rio Olympics?

In the world's most popular sporting event, fashion designers are competing for attention too. Some of the official outfits were revealed ahead of the opening ceremony in Rio - attracting mockery on social media.

When the athletes parade through Rio de Janeiro's Maracana Stadium at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on Friday, the legendary sports venue will also turn into a vast fashion runway, with athletes showcasing designs from their home lands.

Many countries have been relying for years on established fashion names such as Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Stella McCartney and Lacoste. Beyond the practicality of sportswear, the national teams' outfits are also expected to be stylish and elegant, with some references to tradition.

Some countries have already officially presented their outfits for the opening and closing ceremonies. Others, such as Italy and France, have only revealed the uniforms of their athletes, keeping the designs for the inaugural ceremony a surprise.

Iranian suits prompt mockery

It's not always easy to create an outfit that will satisfy everyone. The Iranian designers were massively criticized by social media users who were left wondering what they were thinking when they conceived these garments.

The colors of the original Iranian Olympic outfit appeared to be inspired by an eraser. This tweet tries to demonstrate that not even Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt would look good in it.

The designers took the criticism seriously, quickly conceiving a whole new wardrobe. As a result, the athletes will be wearing a modern garment in the colors of the Iranian flag. Online critics still weren't satisfied: This time they looked like pizza boxes.

Is this America or Russia?

In the US, critics say that the white-blue-red striped t-shirt under a navy blazer designed by Ralph Lauren looks too much like the Russian flag. Facebook and Twitter have spread ironic comments such as this one: "I think we've missed the news that we're now Russians," wrote one user.

Amidst the numerous negative comments, Russians were amused by the unwanted color effect. "Who approved this outfit? Are you secretly supporting Russian athletes? We're not against it!" wrote a Russian on Facebook.

Ralph Lauren has been the official designer of the US Olympic delegation since 2008.

Feminists react in Georgia

The Georgian designs for the opening ceremony of the Rio Games have led to a political debate: They are too conservative and do not reflect the country's modern society. Feminists have complained about the traditional long dresses the female athletes are to wear on Friday.

Designer Samoseli Pirveli probably didn't have any bad intentions, but now, more than 6,000 Georgians have signed an online petition against his design.

The outfit is influenced by Georgian folkloric wear, known as the "chokha." According to the designer, he conceived a modern version of the chokha, which came back into fashion after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Some ridiculed the clothes by saying they would at least block Zika mosquitoes. Others were seriously concerned these suits would damage Georgia's reputation.

The colors of capitalism's most famous golden arches

Just like most countries, China has also tried to clothe its Olympic team in the colors of its flag. Based on reactions online, the white pants and skirts come across well, and so does the retro hospitality style of the outfits. However, the red and yellow blazers are an eyesore for many social media users.

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