Welcome to the latest edition of eco@africa | Eco Africa | DW | 06.07.2018
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Eco Africa

Welcome to the latest edition of eco@africa

On this week's eco@africa, making paper out of banana peels, alternatives to real tropical timber and reintroducing the eland antelope to South Africa's Cape Flats. Tune in for all this and more!

This week on eco@africa we once again travel across Africa and Europe to bring you the latest and most innovative ideas to help make our world a greener place. 

We start off in Zimbabwe where it's estimated that over 330,000 hectares of forests are lost each year. To make up the difference, nurseries are sprouting up around Mount Darwin that grow seedlings for locals.

After that we have a look at a startup in Switzerland that has come up with an alternative to endangered tropical wood by using locally sourced lumber instead.

Then we head to Nigeria where an entrepreneur is trying to ease the country's congestion and pollution woes by getting clean vehicles on the country's roads.

In Uganda we investigate how a proposed plastic bag ban may propel banana paper to the forefront and create huge opportunities for local producers.  

Finally, we head to the Cape Flats of South Africa. Conservationists have reintroduced the eland antelope after they were pushed out by urbanization around 200 years ago. Now for the past two years the animals have been controlling invasive plants that are encroaching on this diverse ecosystem.

All this and much more! Check out the show and let us know what you think at eco@africa.com.

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