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Waves of Horror

January 3, 2005

As the death toll from the Asian tsunami disaster keeps rising, DW-WORLD looks at some of the stories that unfolded since the underwater earthquake on Dec. 26, 2004.

All told, 12 countries in or bordering the Indian Ocean have been affected as the torrential wave claimed thousands of lives, livelihoods and in some countries, whole communities. Other countries far from the Indian Ocean watched with horror as their citizens, many on vacation in popular tropical destinations, died.

European countries have flown back their wounded, they are now counting their dead and hoping they will be able to account for their missing countrymen.

Help and contributions are pouring in from all corners of the world as a massive relief operation gathers pace. The United Nations says it hopes the world will be able to meet the challenge of providing aid to all survivors. Meanwhile, the UN is afraid the exact number of dead may never be known, as many bodies were washed out into the ocean.

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