Water crisis in Lima | Global Ideas | DW | 06.12.2011
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Global Ideas

Water crisis in Lima

Surrounded by desert and faced with water scarcity, the Peruvian capital is exploring new options.

Die Plaza Mayor im historischen Zentrum von Lima. (Aufnahme vom 26.02.2006). Foto: Jürgen Darmstädter +++(c) dpa - Report+++

Peru die Plaza Mayor im historischen Zentrum von Lima

Project goal: A reliable water supply for Lima
Project type: Developing tools and simulation models for effective water management
Project scale: 12 Peruvian and German institutes are collaborating on the project
Project investment: 3.3 million euros

It hardly ever rains in the Peruvian capital of Lima, which is surrounded by desert. With less than one centimeter of rainfall per year, the city's population of nine million depends on glacier water from the Andes. But now the glaciers are melting at the same time as Lima‘s population is growing. It's expected to reach 12 million by the year 2050. Drinking water is in increasingly short supply. The Lima Water project (LiWa) sets out to tackle the looming water crisis.

A film by Marion Hütter (jp)

Watch video 02:29

Lima's looming water crisis

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