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Walk of Fame

Hollywood's Walk of Fame in Los Angeles is the Who's Who of stars in America and a huge tourist attraction. Names of over 2,500 celebrities are embedded in the sidewalk to honor the greats of the entertainment industry.

In 1953, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce volunteer president E.M. Stuart came up with the idea to create a Walk of Fame to "maintain the glory of a community whose name means glamor and excitement in the four corners of the world." Finally, seven years later, the first permanent star was completed, for director Stanley Kramer. Over the decades, hundreds of stars dedicated to actors, musicians, directors, producers and bands were to follow. In the early years, inductees came from the four major branches of the entertainment industry at that time: motion pictures, television, audio recording, and radio. Theater/live performance was added in 1984. Cartoon characters joined the fray in 1978, when Mickey Mouse became the first animated movie character to receive a star. To be considered by the selection committee for a coveted pink terrazzo marble star, you have to have been a celebrity for at least five years - and be prepared to drum up a $30,000 sponsorship fee.